Kent has always had a strong penchant for writing since he was in high school; he enjoys the creativity of it. This was the primary reason he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Linfield College and a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication from San Diego State University. Kent’s education played a major role in propelling his career in technical writing and project management. His extensive education went beyond the practice and theory of writing. It taught him how to properly prioritize multiple projects, find the necessary sources to supplement his work, and which tools to use.

Kent Bonacki

Kent currently lives in Salt Lake City as a grant writer for the Park City School District primarily aiding the Director of Community Education. This opportunity has opened his eyes to the business-like nature that our education system is built upon and how important it is to navigate that to ensure there are funds available for important programs to be offered to the public. He doesn’t know how much longer he’ll remain in the education industry, but he has gained an appreciation for the balance of a public service and politics that is necessary for a well-managed school district.